Orthognathic Surgery · Jaw and facial deformities

Harmonise your face

With our orthognathic surgery you will regain facial symmetry and correct any facial or dental irregularities that, either for functional or aesthetic reasons, are a source of inconvenience or discomfort.

Surgery to correct dental, facial or jaw deformities is a procedure that can, depending on your needs, change the position of the top jaw, bottom jaw or chin. In some cases, it is combined with facial cosmetic surgery.

Type of procedure

Surgical with general anaesthesia.


3 weeks.


1 to 3-hr operation.
Requires a one-night hospital stay.


Orthognathic surgery will not only improve your smile and appearance, it will make it easier for you to chew, speak and breathe. It will also relieve facial pain, headaches, snoring and sleep problems, like obstructive apnea.

Are you the ideal candidate?

People who undergo this procedure typically have problems chewing, suffer from chronic jaw pain, headaches, excessive tooth wear, have an uneven facial expression, facial injuries, a protruding chin or jaw, find it impossible to join the lips naturally, or suffer from chronic mouth breathing or sleep apnea. If you are in good overall health, are psychologically stable and have realistic expectations, you are a good candidate. Orthognathic surgery will improve how your face looks and functions and it will boost your self-confidence. Think about what you want to accomplish and talk it over with our surgeons.

The procedure/strong>

Before the operation you will have to wear braces and undergo a pre-surgery analysis to make sure that your teeth are perfectly aligned. At the conclusion of this process, we will proceed with the surgery, which, based on your needs, will involve moving the upper or lower jaw. All of the incisions will be inside the mouth, and thus completely imperceptible. The surgery usually lasts from 1 to 3 hours and is conducted in one of our operating theatres under general anaesthesia, with a one-night stay in one of our clinics.

Postoperative recovery

After surgery it is normal to feel tired and some discomfort, but this can be easily remedied and controlled. You will also feel swelling in the affected area that will go down gradually over 7-10 days. You will receive instructions along with a modified diet, as well as a schedule for returning to your normal diet.

Back to normal

After the stitches are removed and your jaw has recovered, you can resume normal activities. You will have to avoid strenuous physical activities for a while. Our team will determine when and how often to conduct bite tests. Depending on your job and on the type of operation, you can return to work 1 to 3 weeks after surgery.

The results

After this procedure, your teeth and jaws will be in a more balanced, functional and healthy position. In addition to improving your bite and functionality, your appearance, breathing and speech will also improve. The result of orthognathic surgery will have a very positive effect on many aspects of your life, and it will very likely boost your confidence and self-esteem significantly.

Our guarantee

Complications are infrequent and tend not to be serious. To minimise the risk, it is essential that you follow our surgeons’ instructions both before and after the operation. Our team will closely monitor your progress throughout the entire process.

Body Coach Recovery Program

En Tintoré Brasó nos preocupa tu bienestar, por ello hemos incorporado en todas nuestras intervenciones y de forma gratuita, un programa de postoperatorio que disminuye el dolor y acelera y mejora tu proceso de cicatrización, recuperando el tono muscular y la movilidad.