Facial Reconstructive Surgery

Get your own face back

With our facial reconstructive surgery, you will get your own face back, restore facial symmetry and boost your self-confidence.

Facial reconstructive surgery spans a broad range of surgical techniques used to repair facial structure, both functionally and aesthetically.

Type of procedure

Surgical with general anaesthesia.


Depends on the type of procedure.


6-hr operation.
Requires admission based on surgery type.


Facial reconstructive surgery will not only give you back your old appearance, after using a self-implant to rebuild your anatomy; it will also improve your ability to chew, swallow, speak and breathe.

Are you the ideal candidate?

People who undergo this procedure usually suffer from some disability or partial loss of bones or skin on the face, either due to a tumour or severe trauma. If you are in good overall health, are psychologically stable and have realistic expectations, you are a good candidate. Facial reconstructive surgery will improve how your face looks and functions and it will boost your self-confidence. Think about what you want to accomplish and talk it over with our surgeons.

The procedure

Before the surgery, we will run several diagnostic tests, including a TAC, which will give us the exact measurements of your jaw so we can determine the precise dimensions and shape of the graft to be inserted. The surgery will involve implanting part of one your body’s own bones. The procedure will take place in one of our operating theatres under general anaesthesia. The length of the hospital stay will depend on the type of surgery.

Postoperative recovery

After surgery it is normal to feel fatigue and some discomfort, but this can be easily remedied and controlled with the proper medications. You will also feel discomfort in the affected area of the face that will disappear gradually. You will receive instructions along with a modified diet, as well as a schedule for returning to your normal diet.

Back to normal

After the stitches are removed and the results of the operation are verified and you have completed the relevant rehabilitation, you can resume normal activities. You will have to avoid strenuous physical activities for a while. Our team will determine when and how often to re-evaluate your condition.

The results

Thanks to advances in microsurgery, this operation will not only restore your facial structure, but your chewing, swallowing and speaking abilities as well. The result of facial reconstruction surgery will have a very positive effect on many aspects of your life, and it will very likely boost your confidence and self-esteem significantly.

Our guarantee

Complications are infrequent and tend not to be serious. To minimise the risk, it is essential that you follow our surgeons’ instructions both before and after the operation. Our team will closely monitor your progress throughout the entire process.

Body Coach Recovery Program

At Tintoré Brasó we care about your wellbeing, so we have integrated into all our operations a free postoperative programme that minimises pain and accelerates and improves your healing process, helping you to regain muscle tone and mobility.