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Body rejuvenation

Irradiate youth, with supple skin

Facial rejuvenation is the result of the use of multiple techniques that mutually enhance each other when combined. Blemish removal through pulsed light and the smoothing out of wrinkles by applying botulinum toxin, vitamins, minerals and other active ingredients, yields a suppler and younger-looking neckline, hands and arms.

The aim of this treatment is to diminish the effects of ageing on the hands, arms and neckline. By combining a whole set of techniques that are highly effective, even when used in isolation, the results achieved, tailored to the needs of each patient, are spectacular.

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Thanks to the Ellipse personalised body rejuvenation treatment, spots, redness and uneven pigmentation that has developed over the years will vanish from your hands, arms and neckline. In addition, through the application of purified proteins (Botox), vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid, we will remove your wrinkles, leaving your skin toned and smooth. With a natural, healthy and harmonious appearance, and supple skin, you will emanate youth.

Are you the ideal candidate?

The ideal candidates for body rejuvenation are all those men who wish to look younger, quickly and safely, without having to resort to surgery.

The treatment

Ellipse is a treatment based on double-filtered Intense Pulsed Light, a technique that makes it possible to treat epidermal stains caused by the sun, and redness, making epidermal alterations disappear. The use of Ellipse also stimulates collagen production, improving the skin's texture. Pore size is considerably reduced, rendering skin more radiant and giving it a new glow. Through the application of purified proteins, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, minerals and other active ingredients, we are also able to remove wrinkles and give you the youthful appearance and smooth skin you desire on your hands, arms and neckline. For the best results we recommend 3 or 4 sessions, each lasting less than 20 minutes each.

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Body rejuvenation treatments are quick and easy, and do not interfere with your day-to-day life. Recovery is immediate, and the post-treatment phase is painless. After each session you can resume your normal routine.

The results

When you opt for a body rejuvenation treatment, you will see immediate results. After 48 hours and you will notice the initial effects, and one week after treatment they will be complete. Regaining a youthful neckline, arms and hands will make you feel better and give you greater confidence.

Our guarantee

Complications are rare. Body rejuvenation is a simple and safe treatment. To prevent and minimise potential problems, it is essential that you carefully follow our specialists' instructions, both before and after surgery. They are your best guarantee.

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