Elimination of facial blemishes

Rejuvenated, radiant skin in 20 minutes

Age spots, redness and uneven pigmentation on your face will vanish thanks to our cutting-edge treatment, based on the market’s most advanced technology: Ellipse.

Thanks to facial rejuvenation with Ellipse, you will once again enjoy a young appearance, with a whole new glow. In just 2 or 3 sessions of less than 20 minutes, spots that have appeared over time will disappear thanks to this new, safe and effective treatment. The effects of genetics and prolonged exposure to the sun will vanish from your face.


2 or 3 sessions of less than 20 minutes.




With the Ellipse facial rejuvenation treatment spots, redness and uneven pigmentation that have appeared over time will vanish. Your skin texture will improve, and pore size will be considerably reduced. In short, your face will be left free of blemishes and more radiant, exuding a new glow.

Are you the ideal candidate?

If your face has developed spots due to the passage of time or prolonged sun exposure, you are the ideal candidate. If your face presents redness or uneven pigmentation, Ellipse facial rejuvenation is also right for you.

The treatment

Ellipse is a treatment based on double-filtered Intense Pulsed Light, which makes it possible to treat both epidermal spots caused by the sun (melanin) and redness (hemoglobin). When cells containing melanin or hemoglobin are exposed to Ellipse’s pulsed light, they are heated and eliminated in milliseconds, making the epidermal alteration disappear. The use of Ellipse also stimulates collagen production, improving the skin’s texture. Pore size is considerably reduced, rendering skin more radiant and giving it a new glow. The light employed is carefully controlled to emit the appropriate length and proper amount of energy. In this way it is ensured that only the pigmented skin is treated, without damaging the area around it. At the end of the session, which lasts less than 20 minutes, you will feel somewhat like you would after a day sunbathing. We recommend 2 to 3 sessions for optimal results.

Back to normal

Photorejuvenation treatment is quick and easy, and does not interfere with your day-to-day life.

The results

Immediate and fantastic. In 20 minutes the spots will have disappeared from your face.

Our guarantee

Every year we successfully remove facial blemishes. You can rely on our highly-qualified professionals.