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Body Coach

Slimming/Toning Programme

Lose weight safely and permanently

Show off a new figure with the workout, nutritional education and body treatment programme we offer.

With our Slimming/Toning programme, you will lose weight safely and gradually. In addition to the sessions, we will give you information to help you control your lifestyle and nutrition habits, as well as an exercise programme that you can do on your own at home.


7 or 14 weeks depending on the patient’s fitness

Back to normal


Services included




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Our Slimming/Toning programme helps you to lose weight safely and to keep it off. In addition to looking better and to the psychological benefits that entails, you will be helping your body to function better.

Are you the ideal candidate?

If you are slightly, moderately or very overweight, you are the ideal candidate.

The procedure

The programme’s efficiency is based on combining training and nutritional education with the most advanced body treatments. We will constantly monitor your heart and your fat, water and muscle mass values. This makes it a safe treatment programme. If you are not severely overweight but need to lose weight and volume from certain areas, the treatment will last seven weeks. The 14-week version is intended for those who are obese and have cellulite. Every week you will undergo 2-3 sessions.

Back to normal

You can have a completely normal routine before and after the sessions. You will have more energy.

The results

As you progress through the sessions, the change will be spectacular. Your fitness, health and energy will be greatly boosted.

Our guarantee

Every year we design successful customised Slimming/Toning programmes. Our qualified teams are your guarantee of success.

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