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Body Coach

Post-op recovery Programme

Get back to normal quickly

Recover more quickly and put the discomfort of the operation behind you

With our post-op programme, you will recover from your surgical procedure quickly. You will improve the scarring process, gradually recover muscle tone and mobility and get rid of pain. This programme is recommended for procedures such as abdominoplasty, Lipofit 4D, dermolipectomy, liposuctions, breast procedures, blepharoplasty and more.


7-10 in the first stage, and 10 in the second.

Back to normal

Depends on the type of procedure

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With our Body Coach recovery programme you will scar faster, feel less pain and avoid potential oedemas and swelling. You will see the treated areas regain their muscle tone and you will recover your posture and joint mobility.

Are you the ideal candidate?

If you have undergone a surgical procedure and want to recover fast, you are the ideal candidate.

The procedure

The main goal of the treatment is to shorten the recovery time. We will use a specific exercise and treatment regimen to reduce swelling and invigorate the nerves and muscles in treated areas. The programme is divided into two stages at a rate of 2-3 sessions per week. The first stage has 7-10 sessions and the second has 10.

Back to normal

Depends on the type of surgical procedure. We guarantee a better and faster recovery with our Body Coach recovery programme.

The results

As you progress through the sessions, you will feel better. Your fitness, health and energy will be greatly boosted.

Our guarantee

Every year we design successful post-op programmes. Our qualified teams are your guarantee of success.

B Image T Image So you can recover as quickly as possible

So you can recover as quickly as possible

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