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Body Coach

Lipofit 4D Programme

Get a jump on your recovery while strengthening your body

We speed up your recovery from the Lopifit 4D body-shaping procedure through the localised absorption of fat. The scarring process will improve and any swelling and pain will disappear quickly.

Lipofit 4D - Body Coach is the combination of applying the most advanced treatments and a specific exercise programme. Your recovery will be faster and smoother. Once the post-op discomfort is gone, this programme will give you improved muscle tone and posture to go with your new look.


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Lipofit 4D boasts many benefits. It will, for example, improve the scarring process, make oedemas and swelling go away and reduce any pain. It will also improve your posture, joint mobility, fitness and muscle tone.

Are you the ideal candidate?

If you have undergone a Lipofit 4D body-shaping procedure with localised fat absorption, you are the perfect candidate.

The procedure

The programme invigorates the nerves and muscles in treated areas and reduces pain, oedemas and swelling. This helps to speed up your recovery and gives you better muscle tone, posture, respiratory volume and joint stability. In all you will undergo 18 individual sessions at the rate of 2-3 per week.

Back to normal

The Lipofit 4D programme has been designed to speed up your recovery after the surgical procedure. Thanks to the sessions, you will get better faster and feel better and more energised.

The results

As you progress through the sessions, the change will be spectacular. Your fitness, health and energy will be greatly boosted.

Our guarantee

Every year we design successful customised Lipofit 4D – Body Coach programmes. Our qualified teams are your guarantee of success.

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Boost your new, athletic body

Lipofit 4D

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