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Anti-aging Programme

Stop the passage of time

You will stop aging and improve your fitness, health and energy, all while losing weight.

With this health enhancement programme, you will turn your habits around and improve your quality of life. This personalised, efficient and healthy programme prevents and slows the biological processes that wear down the body’s organs. Following a set of tests, we will design a programme just for you based on hormonal therapy, medicine and nutrition, detoxification, learning and physical activity.


2 per week for 6 months

Back to normal


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With our Anti-aging programme, you will have more energy, feel fitter, increase your sexual drive, be more emotionally balanced and decrease your stress level. You will also lose weight and have better skin.

Are you the ideal candidate?

If you are 45 and seeking to improve and prolong your health and physical abilities, you are the ideal candidate. We also recommend this treatment if you are a businessman or executive who is in the initial stages of osteopenia (loss of bone density).

The procedure

After about the age of 45, your body’s ability to fight free radicals and contaminating agents decreases, affecting cellular quality. Bad habits like smoking, excessive drinking, stress, unhealthy diet and pollution aggravate this situation. We will analyse your hormonal levels and other metabolic markers to propose a programme based on your age and physical condition, and on your expectations. It will last 6 months, with 2 individual sessions per week.

Back to normal

You can have a completely normal routine before and after the sessions. You will have more energy.

The results

As you progress through the sessions, the change will be spectacular. Your fitness, health and energy will be greatly boosted.

Our guarantee

Every year we design successful customised Anti-aging programmes. Our qualified teams are your guarantee of success.

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It’s time to take care of yourself!