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Beauty by Natura Bissé

Repairs and calms the face

Calm skin

An unforgettable experience!

The combination of reparative and decongestant elements visibly soothes your skin.
Thanks to agents featuring anti-inflammatory properties, the treatment provides for maximum relief and skin comfort.


Calms · Tautens · Comforts


60 minutes


B Image T Image Feel radiant

Feel radiant



Visibly improves the appearance of congested, puffy or reddened skin. It also strengthens the skin's self-defence mechanisms.

• Ideal for irritated skin
• Reduces redness and inflammation
• Accelerates skin recovery
• Softens, clears up and adds glow to skin

Ideal to

Accelerate the skin's recovery after treatment and surgery.

The treatment consists of

• A gentle and effective cleansing ritual
• Enzymatic exfoliation with a nopal and papaya extract
• A firming and decongestant concentrate, with arnica
• A relaxing anti-aging massage
• A moisturizing and nourishing facial mask
• A balance-restoring cranial massage

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Tintoré Brasó opens the door to Natura Bissé's luxurious beauty treatments, just for you

At Tintoré Brasó we are constantly improving the treatments we offer. As a reflection of our desire to expand our range of the finest and most luxurious services, we offer you exclusive Natura Bissé beauty treatments at our facilities.

Natura Bissé is an internationally renowned luxury cosmetics firm. Present in more than 30 countries, its beauty products and treatments set trends, fusing the most cutting-edge lines with technological innovation and traditional therapies from different cultures.

Its beauty treatments offer solutions meeting your skin's different needs, always through excellence and luxury, and with a view to your utmost comfort, delivering unique and unforgettable experiences.

Tintoré Brasó a-la-carte facial treatments

Without even leaving our centres, you will experience a ritual that rejuvenates your face, with the very latest in sensor technology. An exquisite experience!