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Beauty by Natura Bissé

Citrus Vita Essence

A citrus-based aromatherapy for glowing skin

An unforgettable experience!

This exquisite experience will infuse your skin with all the energy of Vitamin C. Its extraordinary antioxidant effects will moisturise and completely revitalise the skin on your face. You'll look radiant.
Delicious citrus aromas and rich textures make this an unforgettable experience.

2015 Harper's Bazaar (Singapore) Spa Awards: Best Facial Treatment awarded to CITRUS VITA ESSENCE at the Adeva Spa.


Revitalises · Stimulates · Rejuvenates


60 minutes


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Start pampering yourself



Vitamin C promotes collagen production, facilitating the recovery of firm facial skin. This 100% antioxidant treatment minimises the signs of premature aging and restores vitality to skin damaged by the sun.

• It produces tauter, revitalised, glowing skin
• Intensive moisturisation
• Soft and luminous skin
• A 100% antioxidant and firming treatment

Ideal to

Recover glowing and firm skin through a soothing citrus aromatherapy experience.

The treatment consists of

• Citrus aromatherapy
• A massage to prepare the skin + cleansing ritual
• Gentle and effective exfoliation
• A firming and antioxidant concentrate
• A reshaping, anti-aging massage
• A firming and moisturising soufflé mask
• A hand and arm massage

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Natura Bissé is an internationally renowned luxury cosmetics firm. Present in more than 30 countries, its beauty products and treatments set trends, fusing the most cutting-edge lines with technological innovation and traditional therapies from different cultures.

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