The wishes of our patients

Rinoplastia Tintoré Brasó

Víctor · Dancer

“Every morning I look at my nose, with the crooked tip, and I don’t like it. If I had a nose job, my self-esteem would be confirmed. I would gain self-confidence.”

Lipofit 4D Tintoré Brasó

Cerasela · Personal trainer

“I do a lot of sports, and I try my best, but the localized fat on my legs doesn’t just go away. It’s genetic. I have had surgery on another occasion and I know that if I have a high definition Liposculpture with Vaser Lipo I will be happier.”

Lipofit 4D Tintoré Brasó

Ramón · Industrial technician

“I would like to mark the chest, shoulders and abs, defining my body would help me feel better. With the excess fat, I will do a lipofilling to shape the buttock.”

Adriana · Student

“I feel a lot of discomfort when running and I have back pain. I would like to have a reduction mammoplasty. If I had surgery, it would take a weight off me.”

Rinoplastia Tintoré Brasó

Magda · Yoga teacher

“I have a deviated septum and it causes respiratory problems. When I have surgery, in addition to solving the functional problem, my nose will transmit more harmony.”

Rinoplastia Tintoré Brasó

Álvaro · Student

“I would like to reduce my nose a little, because I am self-conscious. In the photos, I see it very large. I’m not convinced that it gives me personality.”

We are specialists in

High Definition Liposculpture with Vaser Lipo

A revolution that eliminates fat and defines an athletic figure without a prosthesis.

There are things that are no longer recovered, no matter how much you do. There is a before and after after pregnancies. I would like to eliminate that little belly that never just left and wear tops again!


Sports technician

Abdominoplastia Tintoré Brasó
Rinoplastia Tintoré Brasó

Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is an intervention with great transforming capacity, that improves the appearance of the patient’s nose, as well as the whole of the facial image and, sometimes, beyond aesthetics, his health. Thanks to the ultrasonic technology, this surgery achieves some more effective results.

“It is faster, the postoperative is practically painless and the results are visible within a few weeks, a revolution that has forever buried the edemas and bruises of traditional surgery”, states Dr. Xavier Tintoré, specialized in this type of intervention.

Painless surgery

We apply a revolutionary anesthesia technique that makes the post-operative much lighter and the recovery quicker and more effective. Thanks to it, we practice the best surgery with the least possible pain, valuing patient safety at all times.

“In anesthesiology, the doses are established, but they are very wide and we adapt them to each case. I believe that each person is different, I do not believe in recipes.”

Dr. Juan Bernardo Schuitemaker


Lipofit 4D Tintoré Brasó
Medicina Regenerativa Tintoré Brasó

Regenerative Smart-Aging medicine with exosomes

Tintoré Brasó launches a new regenerative treatment thanks to the collaboration with Exolife, the new clinic of applied biological medicine founded by Dr. Xavier Tintoré.

This consists of the extraction of exosomes or nanovesicles from the stem cells to regenerate the skin from the body itself, multiplying by 40 the effectiveness of traditional stem cell treatments.

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15 years sculpting wishes

The doctor Cristina Brasó and the doctor Xavier Tintoré Created their Institute of Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine namesake, Tintoré Brasó, 15 years ago.

Since the beginning, its greatest achievement has been to create a cohesive team , both in the operating room and in the facilities of its two clinics, capable of giving a patient care service pre and post operative first level, which translates into more than 7.000 surgeries and a consolidated reputation based on professionalism, humanity and trust.

Xavier Tintoré y Cristina Brasó

“After a desired surgery, we see an improvement in the patient’s self-esteem, he feels happier and more confident.”

Dr. Xavier Tintoré

“I never create false expectations, but if a patient thinks that after an intervention he will be happier, I tell him to go ahead.”

Dr. Cristina Brasó

Equipment and facilities

The Tintoré Brasó team is led by the doctor Xavier Tintoré and the doctor Cristina Brasó, both pioneers in Spain of the high definition Liposculpture with Vaser Lipo , in addition to being specialists in ultrasonic rhinoplasty and breast surgery , respectively.

Along with the anesthesiologist Juan Bernardo Schuitemaker, they have created the first clinic of cosmetic, plastic and reparative painless surgery from the country , a technique supported by a postoperative program Body Coach lead by Lluís Perea, doctor in exercise physiology and specialist in functional biomechanics , and which is carried out in the facilities of the clinic located in Paseo de Gracia, where the Aesthetic Medicine Unit is also located, whose responsible is the doctor Marta Pons.