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Aesthetic Surgery

Skin moisturisation and regeneration

Radiant skin in 15 days

You'll be glowing on that special day thanks to our "express" treatment that combines pulsed light (Ellipse) with small infiltrations of multivitamins, minerals and amino acids.

We offer this fast and effective treatment that you may begin one week or 15 days before a special event or occasion. The results are immediate, giving the skin on your neck, arms and hands a special radiance. We will rejuvenate your skin with our cutting-edge treatment based on the market's most advanced technology: Ellipse, which we combine with other regeneration and moisturization treatments.


1 Ellipse session, and various infiltrations, depending on the type and condition of the skin and areas to be treated.



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With the Ellipse facial rejuvenation treatment the spots, redness and uneven pigmentation that have developed over time will vanish. The skin on your neck, arms and hands will also be moisturised and regenerated thanks to the combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids applied.

Are you the ideal candidate?

If you need to regenerate and moisturise the skin on your neck, arms and hands, quickly and effectively, because you have a special event or day just around the corner, you are the ideal candidate. With this "express" treatment, in one week to 15 days you will be ready, looking more radiant than ever.

The treatment

Ellipse is a treatment based on double-filtered Intense Pulsed Light, which makes it possible to treat both epidermal spots caused by the sun (melanin) and redness (hemoglobin). When cells containing melanin or hemoglobin are exposed to Ellipse's pulsed light, they are heated and eliminated in milliseconds, making the epidermal alteration disappear. We will combine Ellipse with small skin infiltrations of other products, primarily a cocktail of multivitamins, minerals and amino acids. We will give your skin an extra glow so that you look positively radiant on your special day.

Back to normal

The main advantage of moisturisation and regeneration treatments are their speed and effectiveness, allowing you to continue with your daily routine.

The results

Immediate and fantastic. With Ellipse, in 20 minutes the spots will have disappeared from your neck, arms and hands. Thanks to the infiltrations, these areas will feature a special radiance.

Our guarantee

Every year we successfully perform body treatments featuring skin moisturisation and regeneration. You can rely on our highly-qualified professionals.

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