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Aesthetic Surgery


Always ready, thanks to permanent makeup

You features will be better defined, and the appearance of your eyebrows, eyelashes and lips will be enhanced.

Micropigmentation involves the placement of hypoallergenic pigments under the skin to achieve a permanent makeup effect. In addition to aesthetic makeup, micropigmentation also serves to correct scars, malformations, and uneven pigmentation.



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1 session, lasting approx. 2 hours



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Micropigmentation will improve the appearance of your eyebrows (correcting their shape, and making them thicker), adjust and enhance the appearance of your lips, and give your face a more vibrant look by applying pigment to the eyes. It can even produce the appearance of freckles and beauty marks. It also serves to conceal post-surgical scars and to correct malformations of the lips, eyebrows and eyes, as well as to camouflage partial or total alopecia.

Are you the ideal candidate?

If you want to enjoy the advantages of having your eyes, lips and eyebrows permanently enhanced through the appearance of make-up, you are the ideal candidate. If you need to conceal a scar or correct a malformation, micropigmentation is also ideal.

The treatment

The process involves the implantation of hypoallergenic pigment under the skin. Before and after the treatment, which usually lasts about 2 hours, we apply an anaesthetic cream, for your comfort and convenience.

Back to normal

You can resume your normal activities immediately. At the end of the session we recommend that you apply cold compresses to reduce any transitory effects, such as redness. We will provide you with an ointment for you to apply. For a week you will have to avoid wearing makeup, or scratching or rubbing the areas treated. You will also need to avoid swimming, whether in a pool or at the beach, for 15 days.

The results

Excellent. With a single session you will enjoy a permanent makeup effect on the eyes, lips and eyebrows. To preserve the colour's intensity and, depending on your skin type and the area treated, you may have to receive touch-up treatments.

Our guarantee

Every year we carry out successful micropigmentation procedures. You can rely on our highly-qualified professionals.

B Image T Image No more applying make-up to hide blemishes!

No more applying make-up to hide blemishes!

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