Smart Aging with Exosomes

New regenerative treatment with stem cells

Tintoré Brasó launches a new regenerative treatment thanks to the collaboration with Exolife, the new clinic of applied biological medicine founded by Dr. Xavier Tintoré.

Anti Aging

This consists of the extraction of exosomes, or nanovesicles, from the stem cells to regenerate the skin from the body itself, multiplying by 40 the effectiveness of traditional stem cell treatments.

The procedure consists of using the patient’s own fat to separate the stem cells from which the exosomes will later be extracted. Once the necessary amount is obtained, it is infiltrated into the patient.

Applied to the skin, this technique, which can be performed in a unique way or combined with ozone therapy, diathermy or PRP, to enhance its effectiveness, allows fibroblasts to regenerate collagen and elastin, as well as recover turgidity, with an immediate rejuvenating effect.

Without side effects, in addition to its use in regenerative medicine, the use of exosomes focuses on other lines of action such as longevity treatment and immunotherapy.

Smart Aging con Exolife